Mayordomo classic chocolate 500g

Chocolate El Mayordomo. The taste of Oaxaca (Classic 100% Natural, 500 gr)

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Chocolate (Nahuatl: xocolatl) (maya: chocolhá) is the food that is made by mixing sugar with two products derived from the manipulation of cocoa beans : a solid matter (cocoa paste) and fat (butter cocoa).

The cocoa tree or cocoa has the scientific name Theobroma cacao L. from the Greek and means “ food of the gods “. Cocoa rises to one of the most delicious products in the world : chocolate, which was developed only in the nineteenth century. Cocoa pod, however, was first used for the creation of a drink, at Mayan time, in Mexico, by the year 600. There are more accurate documents report that Aztecs enjoyed cocoa and prepared a bitter and concentrated drink called “techocolat “ reserved for the emperor, the nobles and warriors.

Ingredientes: Azúcar, Cacao, Canela y Lecitina de soya.

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