Flour tortillas for preparring Burritos - 25cm (10 pcs)

Nuevo Progreso flour tortillas specially for making burritos te bereiden.  Without preservatives.

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The most obvious difference between fajita and burrito tortillas is their size. Fajitas are normally served two or more at a time, and so their tortillas are small, usually 6 inches in diameter. A burrito, on the other hand, is usually served on its own, because it's large and stuffed with a variety of fillings. Burrito tortillas are usually 8 to 10 inches in diameter.


  • Fillings are another difference between fajita and burrito tortillas. Small fajita tortillas are stuffed with strips of grilled chicken, steak or shrimp along with grilled pepper and onion strips. A burrito is stuffed with a bean, rice or shredded meat filling along with diced or shredded vegetables. Cheese often helps fill fajitas and burrito tortillas. Both cab be topped with hot sauce as well.


  • Because fajita tortillas are filled with strips of grilled meat and vegetables, they have a chunkier texture than burritos. The burrito tortilla, on the other hand, is filled with soft, shredded meat and finely diced vegetables, making for a softer texture. A burrito, however, is much larger than a fajita, making it the heavier dish, as opposed to the heftier, but smaller, fajita.


  • Once a tortilla is filled with a fajita or burrito filling, it's assembled. The larger burrito tortilla is filled and then folded at each end before being tightly wrapped shut and served. Fajita tortillas, on the other hand, are lightly grilled or baked until warm and then served in a small dish along the grilled filling. The fajitas are assembled at the table by the diner, who fills the tortilla and then rolls it up or folds it like a taco before eating.


Wheat flour 60%, water, vegetable fats, margarine, vegetable fats, vegetable oils, water, salt (0.1%), emulsifiers (E322, E471), acidity regulator (citric acid),sodium citrate, natural flavors, natural colors (beta-carotene), salt (iodized), powdered milk, glycerin (E422), emulsifiers (E471), raising agent (E450), preservatives (E282), CMC (E466)

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