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Nuevo Progresso Fajita Seasoning

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Fajitas Al Carbon - mexican recipes
2 tbs Nuevo Progreso Fajita Seasoning
400 g of beef cut to 1,5” steaks
4 Nuevo Progreso Fresh Flour Tortillas,
1 big Onion (cut in rings), 1- red pepper / 1- yellow pepper /1-
green pepper (cut in rings)
150 g Nuevo Progreso Guacamole Fresca, (recipe found on Nuevo
Progreso Comino)
200 ml Salsa Mexicana La Costena
200ml Sour Cream
1 Lime

Begin by mixing the cut peppers and onions together. Season the
meat and stack in layers beginning with a handful of cut peppers
and onions then one seasoned steak then another handful of onions
and peppers and so on until you have used up all of the meat then
cover to keep air tight. Allow the layered mixture to sit in the
fridge for at least three hours but it is better over night. Heat a pan
or start your grill and cook the mixture. Once cooked to your
preference, slice the steaks making strips and wrap in a warm
tortilla with the grilled onions and peppers and the top with salsa,

guacamole, sour cream and a squeeze of lime.

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