Clemente Jacques

In the year 1887 began the French businessman Don Clemente Jacques importing products. This was quite diverse of classic card game of lotteries, maps, grains, seeds, and canned food. This was so successfully that he decided to set up a factory in Mexico regarding to processing canned food. Finally, he become the pioneer in Latin America for food such as canning jalapeno peppers according to a unique “delicious” recipe. Once this project was successfully, he began to can more food products like in fruit in syrup, paté, olives, sausages, vegetables, tuna and more. And that's how Clemente Jacques ® a unique flavor has awakened in a country which is known for its gastronomic excellence.

Our mission providing quality food with a delicious taste, practical products in which health and innovation are paramount.
Vision the values of our brand are closely related to the personality of Don Clemente Jacques, the creator of our brand and the end products of the 19th century. The fourth generation of the family Jacques can be seen as young entrepreneurs, authentic, versatile with especially good vibes. With principles of honesty, reliability and commitment. These characteristics make the heart, the soul and the essence of the brand Clemente Jacques ® that is present in each of its products

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