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Mexican sauce, Mexican salsa, salsa sauce or chili hot sauce such as the Maya and Incas they made. The authentic recipes are over the years as cultural heritage preserved so that we today can still enjoy the taste of yesteryear. The current Mexican cuisine cannot without Mexican sauce. They are widely already prepared without preservatives which makes the taste authentic delicious. The most famous sauce of Mexico is undoubtedly the salsa verde that as just as almost all the sauces as basic ingredient the tomatillos (green tomatoes). Mexican sauces such as salsa Verde, Ranchera, Taquera, Casera Mexicana, Habanero and salsa Arriera, Valentina, para Botanas decorate richly the Mexican cuisine and are nothing to sneeze at so delicious. Mexican sauce should not be missing at an authentic dish. That is why the a wide selection of the most delicious sauces.




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