La Costena

La Costeña was founded in 1923 by Vicente López Recines. He called his grocery stores shop La Costeña where his own jars made with chilies on vinegar base. This allowed the chili peppers longer. His company explosive growth since he was started in 1948 with a factory in Mexico City with making canned products. La Costeña was the first company with its own automated production line. This factory moved in 1971 to Ecatepec where a larger production could be turned. In 1991 came a second factory at In Sonora for e.g. the production of ketchup and vegetables. Over time, the question was increased to the products of the company and in 1994 a new factory was built in San Luis Potosi.

In 2014 we received the Declaration of “Famous brand” of the Mexican Institute of Industrial property.

La Costeña a world-class brand and brand in Mexico!

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